Hi, I’m Katharine Fraser. The Sage Leopard is my best friend and he is actually a dog, not a leopard. He is a pound hound and purportedly a Catahoula Leopard Dog, which is the state dog of Louisiana. They come in a variety of markings and many feature spots. Hence, the leopard moniker. Sage refers to sagacity as well as the cooking herb and Texas sage.

I created The Sage Leopard to share with you my lifestyle philosophy, recipes for cooking, garden pictures, travel and adventures with Higgins, our kooky hound.

My personal style runs from monograms to snake boots. The blog also covers a wide range of lifestyle moments and memories. For questions about Higgins (the real name of The Sage Leopard), recipes or lifestyle comments or questions, please contact me at thesageleopard@gmail.com.

My background

I’m a former news desk editor turned communications consultant. My consulting business is Adroit Narratives and focuses on elevating online and other marketing content for companies. I’m also threatening to unleash a novel at some point. It will likely be inspired in part by my own life experiences, growing up in New Jersey, attending college in Virginia, working in East Coast cities (Baltimore, New York and Washington, D.C.) and finding happiness living in Texas.

Katharine Fraser
Katharine Fraser