Bargain Bin Cooking & Baking: From Peppers to Bananas

Byron stumbled upon the 99 cents bin at Kroger and this discovery is opening up a new direction in my cooking and baking.

The bargain bin is a transfer station of sorts for produce that isn’t quite good enough anymore for top billing in the main displays but isn’t yet relegated to be tossed. Byron picked up the bag o’ jalapenos in wonderment and an idea sprang to mind: grilled jalapeno poppers.

We even have a grill rack specially designed for jalapenos that came with a jalapeno corer. This way, you can bore into a jalapeno after slicing of the top and neatly draw out the seeds and core. No fuss, no muss. The jalapenos are ready to be stuffed.

For a ham and cheese take on the poppers, we bought a thick slab of baked ham in the deli. Rather than dice it, I opted to slice it into spears to be vertically inserted in the middle of the peppers. First, though, I combined room temperature cream cheese (a brick) and 1/3 cup crumbled feta in a bowl. I added freshly chopped parsley as well as garlic salt and a little Cajun seasoning. Using a teaspoon, I charged up the peppers with the cheese mixture. Then, I inserted the ham spears. That’s it. They hit the grill for about 20-30 minutes on medium heat.

Driving Me Bananas

Next thing I know, Byron brought home a huge bag of bananas. There is only one solution. Banana bread and muffins. I used a banana oatmeal muffin recipe I love and quadrupled it. I opted to use agave instead of brown sugar and added chocolate chips and peanut butter chips.

Here’s the crazy part: after perfectly measuring all the dry ingredients, including the baking soda, baking powder, nutmeg and cinnamon, I actually omitted eggs. The recipe X four would have called for 8 eggs. Ooops, they taste great anyway. Let’s call them low-cholesterol egg-less muffins. I sprinkled shredded coconut on top. A dozen went into the fridge, a Bundt cake is being given to friends and the rest of the muffin are in the freezer.

Bag O’ Mixed Peppers

The bargain bin is quickly becoming a way of life around here. Byron pointed to a big bag of peppers. Perfect! After all, we were grilling steaks so grilled veggies always pair well with grilled meat. I simply seeded the peppers, which appeared to be orange bell pepper, poblanos and wax peppers, and quartered them. I drizzled them with a generous amount of olive oil and tossed with salt and pepper. They went into a grilling basket.

I had mistaken the light yellow peppers for banana peppers, but after handling them, I realized, whoa, these are yellow wax peppers, which are hot! The spiciest came down a bit after they were grilled. And, yes, they were very nice with the steak, potatoes and grilled corn. Good news: leftovers!

Citrus Dreaming

A bag of more than a dozen limes with a ruby red grapefruit for 99 cents? Amazing. The limes were still ripe and in their juiciest prime. I happened to be getting chicken breasts to grill and the limes would be perfect for a marinade. I bought a pack of chicken breasts with rib meat with for $1.99 a pound.

First things first: I juiced 10 limes and the grapefruit into a one gallon bag held up in a large mixing bowl. Then I trimmed the meat and placed the chicken pieces in the citrus juice. Once all the trimmed chicken breasts were in the bag, I added about a quarter of a cup of olive oil and generous shakes of chicken seasoning, plus a little cayenne. I made sure the bag’s zip top was locked and placed the chicken in the meat drawer of the fridge for about an hour before it was grilled.

So, we obtained a lot of bananas, peppers and limes in big bags that only cost 99 cents each. That’s very cool and a great way to cook with basic ingredients

This bargain-bin approach is the essence of The Sage Leopard’s philosophy: enjoy everything you can and make do really well!


The Sage Leopard