Cabin Fever: Getting Back Out There in Person

I dream of living in a cabin in the woods and have devoted a Pinterest board to this aspiration. Ironically, I also am currently suffering from cabin fever in a suburban area.

We live in unincorporated Harris County, outside the sprawling Houston. I work from home with three dogs who follow my every move. If I get up to freshen my coffee, they run ahead of me into the kitchen. If I turn my chair 90 degrees to face the secondary computer, they jump. Lately, my big excursions involve walking a dog or a grocery store run. I admit it: I need to get out more.

My boyfriend wants to go hunting this weekend. Normally, I’d jump at the chance, but my first inclination was I should stay home. After all, boarding three dogs is expensive. I’m still on the fence. Why?

Time for some self-evaluation. Remember those I’d Rather Be Sailing or I’d Rather Be [fill in the blank] bumper stickers? Here’s a quiz you can take for yourself without giving me the answer because I am not data mining. Just think about it.

  1. What is your favorite outdoor activity? How often do you enjoy it?
  2. What is your favorite indoor activity (get your mind out of the gutter)? How often do you partake in that?
  3. Who are your favorite people? How often do you see or visit with them?

I’ll go first. 1) Biking. 2) Reading. 3) Yikes!

Before planning how to reintroduce these supposedly favorite things, examine what is sucking up your time instead. If you are anything like me, scrolling through Facebook is a problem. I also keep up with real news, but for a New Year’s Resolution, opted to stick to what used to be called newspapers and stopped watching CNN. No offense, CNN, but you are a time suck.

To create more time, I started getting up at 5:30 a.m. to walk the hound dog. Well, the past week or so, I started getting back into bed afterward. No good. Must have coffee right after the first dog walk and stay awake.

Reading is a pretty simple fix: do not turn on the TV. Pick up actual book. Commence reading.

Now, for the painful self-examination. When was the last time I called a friend? Does anyone call anyone outside of their immediate family anymore? OK, when was the last time you texted, emailed or messaged an individual friend to see if they would like to [fill in the blank, such as have lunch, go on a bike ride, grab a beer, etc.]. Yeah, I have been awful at this too. Commenting on Facebook and Instagram posts just does not cut it. Re-emerge, my friends.

Take care,

The Sage Leopard