Grocery Shopping is Still a Worthy Excursion

It’s hard to imagine life without a smart phone. Now, thanks to Amazon’s plan to take over Whole Foods, we can imagine a world in which arugula is delivered to our doorstep by drone.

The question is do I want to be a part of that grocery world? Grocery delivery has taken off and the demand is attributed to millennials who want to stay home for dinner but hate to go to the supermarket. Grocers are competing with farm-to-table dinner in box services.

Funny thing is I actually like grocery shopping. Actually, I absolutely love going to supermarkets. I always have, all the way back to the days of S&H green stamps you’d get at checkout. My mom shopped at King’s, which was a family owned grocery chain in North Jersey. I loved our outings to the store as Mommy and Daughter bonding time.

I associate finding wonderful things in the grocery aisle with making a lovely home. Creature comforts, including tea, chocolate, cookies, crackers, etc., are the hallmarks of a great home. We cannot control what goes on in the world outside, but if we want hibiscus ice tea in our fridge, by jove, we got it.

But the market is telling me I should abandon one of my favorite leisures, grocery shopping, in favor of ordering online. I just ran into CVS to buy a particular hair conditioner and a sign on the door welcomed me to have ordered online for curbside pickup. Once home, I emptied the bag of hair products and found a flyer with my things, a flyer for Blue Apron.

For crying out loud – I like supermarkets, produce markets and farmers markets. Here in Houston, we have amazing and really old farmers markets on Airline, including Canino’s. Walking the aisles and checking off my list is therapeutic. I delight in finding new items and snagging great deals on close-outs.

Picking out my own produce, I don’t need to worry about paying for bruised or rotten things. And, you can always buy a lot of almost over-ripe or bruised produce for 99 cents at Kroger!

Another fun thing to do when traveling abroad is to visit a market and see what the locals eat. You will see a lot of familiar items and truly foreign ones.

You can also find a surprise or two at your local supermarket. Check it out and enjoy the experience.