Kale, peas and mint pasta salad

I just made up this recipe. I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store again after a series of shopping outings over New Year’s weekend. A big bag of kale was already on hand. So was the mint. Upon opening the freezer, I saw half a bag of green peas. Mint and peas have a lovely affinity for each other that is well-established. The idea for this pasta salad came together in my head after my re-organization of my recipe binders yesterday. Images of lovely pasta salads with greens already imbedded in my head drove me to open the pantry, where a bag of orecchiette awaited. kalepasta saladThe curves of the orecchiette (little ears) pasta would be perfect for picking up the peas. For the mint and kale, I clipped them with herb scissors to easily fold little slices into the salad. The binding dressing is the classic half-sour cream, half-mayonaisse mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.