Oh No, Omarosa – The Apprentice, White House Edition

I never watched The Apprentice, but now, like the rest of America who is paying attention, I’m getting the gist of what the reality show was all about in its heyday.

The White House press secretary blamed the media for all the attention on Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, but honestly, I was content to ignore her book tour. It was first thing this morning that I saw that the President of the United States called her a “dog” and a “lowlife.” Perhaps, if he didn’t tweet about her, we would not be hearing as much about her.

Trump also complained that she was being given legitimacy. OK, now who was it who gave her a job at the White House?

Some of her claims strain credulity, right? She related that Chief of Staff John Kelly fired her in the White House Situation Room. Well, that sounded downright implausible. But, the White House hasn’t denied it. I listened to her recording, and assuming that is his voice, he sounds credible in citing integrity problems with her at the White House.

Next: Omarosa claims that she has been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sigh. My sensible reaction is what could she possibly know about Russian interference in the U.S. election? Shoot, something outrageous she said before was true! Maybe she does have material information on matters within the scope of the Mueller investigation. But, if you are a witness in a criminal investigation, are you supposed to blabber about that? I’m guessing no.

Now, there is the possibility Omarosa is ginning up drama and mayhem to distract from some other matter. There’s even speculation she is doing all this to help Trump. Well, accusing someone of using the n-word usually would be a bad thing, but who knows. We are all now sucked into a really bad reality show. Incidentally, she previously accused another Apprentice contestant of using the n-word, a claim that was denied.

This noise made me wonder? Was Omarosa a persona created for The Apprentice?  What did she do before that rise to TV fame? Would you believe she worked for Vice President Al Gore? According to a 2004 People magazine story, she burned through four jobs in two years in the Clinton administration.

Her job for Gore was to go through invitations the vice president received. In the People story, she complained that she had been thrown into work without training. Geez, can you imagine? Fair readers, perhaps something like that happened in your work experience in the real world. Anyhoo, she has managed to turn the White House workplace into a reality show. Now, Politico reports, people at the White House are dreading what her next claim might be and what else she might have recorded.

Unless she has incontrovertible evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, let’s cancel this show.

The Sage Leopard is begging it be so.