Sage Leopard News Read Roundup: COVID-19 Escape Movie, Texas Emergency and Hope

Updated March 20 from original March 19 publication to footnote Sen. Burr’s curious stock sales and clarify Trump comments on drug treatments.

When we emerge from COVID-19, a filmmaking survivor is going to have to make a horror movie about spring breakers trying to return home after their binge to find that the cities are closed to them and they have to fend for themselves on the highways. C’mon people, when the president of the United States says we need to limit interactions to groups less than 10, please listen.

Also, this is not an old people’s disease. The latest data shows that adults across the spectrum of age groups are getting the infection. See this Washington Post story, “Younger adults are large percentage of coronavirus hospitalizations in United States, according to new CDC data.”

Count your blessings. This is weird and scary, and we don’t know how all of this will shake out, but be grateful. If you are reading this, that means you have access to the internet and power. That’s a lot to be thankful for. After all, with hurricanes we lose power. Being able to wash your hands with warm water during a global pandemic is a luxury. Enjoy it. Pray for others, in the United States and elsewhere, who may not be so lucky.

Me after buying some essential supplies during a quick outing to Kroger and Walgreens.

If idle hands do the work of the devil and you’re sheltering at home feeling shell-shocked, now is the time to get to all those house projects you have put off forever. Also, deep cleaning kills two birds with one stone: it might get your mind off the pandemic (sorta) and kills germs. It might give you some sense of control, even if fleeting. If you really need to tune out the news for a bit for some self care, try Pinterest. You can just look at things that make you happy. My Pinterest boards are full of pretty gardens, beautiful home décor, cute dogs, cool Jeeps, crafting, recipes and other nesting ideas. I plan to look at it tonight with a glass of wine.

Venison meatballs I made with meat from the bucks we harvested in Laredo in January. Hunting is harvesting food from nature’s pantry.

Back to reality, though, and the state of Texas has declared a state of public health emergency. During a live broadcast, Governor Abbott said that state and local officials have been in preparation discussions about COVID-19 since January. That’s comforting, except why didn’t he or other Republicans pipe up when Trump was still calling this a hoax in late February. Before you get defensive and annoyed with the politicization of a pandemic, consider that the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in February – the same day as the “hoax” comment – was warning business leaders from his home state that this could be akin to the 1918 flu pandemic and that schools would close, travel would be limited and the military would be called on to help.

I think it’s great Senator Richard Burr, R-N.C., was warning people at that time.* I only wish all Republican officials had done so on a bipartisan basis with the Democratic colleagues. The only reason I can think of goes to a failure of leadership at the very top. And the top should take responsibility. He just might be doing so now. I am opened minded. But considering he’s still griping about how the media doesn’t write nice things about him, I’m not hopeful he’s change into a statesman. In the meantime, I am somewhat hopeful that any measures he has taken to facilitate “compassionate use” (experimental) treatment might work**. Again, any effectiveness would be a total unknown. Still, a few months ago we didn’t know we’d be in this situation and I am a big believer in human ingenuity and the cooperative spirit.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay sane and stay hopeful.

* Well, now it has been reported the senator was selling stocks, the implication being he knew the pandemic would worsen and hit financial markets.

**Well, the FDA felt compelled to clarify something he said about a malaria drug being approved (it wasn’t) for COVID-19. To clarify, that is being studied.