Sage Leopard News Read Roundup: Miami Spy, Assange and Coronavirus

Eye-popping. That’s how I describe this vague story about a Mexican man admitting to stalking the vehicle of a U.S. government “source” in Miami to obtain a photo of its license plate. He was caught because the security at a residential complex called authorities to report the suspicious activity. I have so many questions. Is the “source” a public official or a spy? Why did the Russians dispatch a Mexican who lives in Singapore for an assignment in Miami. Will we ever hear about this case again or will it drift into oblivion? Is this a big deal? The Washington Post story has what little details are public.

Eye-popping with One Raised Eyebrow. I’m a little skeptical, but curious about the story that Trump, allegedly, via a proxy offered a pardon in advance to Julian Assange if he were to deny that Russia had anything to do with getting hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee over to Assange’s Wikileaks. Assange is still wanted in the United States for espionage and hacking. First thing’s first: the White House categorically denies this allegation as absurd. Supposedly, Assange received this offer via a congressman that Trump’s spokeswoman says he did not know. You might Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was a Republican from California who was the subject of an eyebrow-raising observation in 2016 by another California Republican, Kevin McCarthy, now the House Minority Leader. “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy said, according to a recording obtained by news organizations. That was then. Today, McCarthy tweeted a picture of himself on Air Force One. Look closely for Trump in the reflection. That was then. This is now.

Eye-Popping with Fingers Crossed. The University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health may have made a breakthrough on the coronavirus. They have mapped out the virus on an atomic level, which is a key step for developing a vaccine. It would be great to get this epidemic under control.

Eye Roll. Bernie Sanders’s press secretary said Mike Bloomberg has had heart attacks, then walked it back to say he had a stent procedure. She also tried to compare people asking for Bernie’s medical records to the smear of Birtherism. Asking for a presidential candidate to make health disclosures is not the same as suggesting America’s first black president was not really born in America. Sorry. That is not even a stretch of any imagination. It’s not a comparison. It’s just bad spin.

The Sage Leopard,