Sage Leopard News Read Roundup: Remote Work, China, Venezuela and Quarantine

Do you work remotely? Some days, it’s just better to be off the roads, such as today outside Houston, where a major highway is closed in one direction because of a hazmat spill of… wait for it… pig parts. Mmm, did you have bacon at breakfast today? On a larger scale, the coronavirus has curtailed business trips and other travel. This would be an instance where access to the internet can save the day.

Speaking of China, kudos to the Houston Chronicle for launching a series examining the economic model of the Communist state. The series, dubbed Rising Star, opens with “For Texas, promise and pitfalls in China.” A good read on a crucially important question: just how much will China’s economy continue to grow and at what pace?

Speaking of business trips, would you believe the Citgo 6 are back in prison in Venezuela? These oil execs were called from Houston to a meeting in Caracas in 2017 and are still captive (Citgo is part of the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA, but control of the company is tied up in disputes with creditors and the question of who will control the government itself). The Citgo 6 have been accused of corruption by the Maduro administration and had been under house arrest. Meanwhile, the opposition leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, just met with President Trump.

Ah, Trump. Do you know anyone who was surprised by his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast or at the White House yesterday when he lit into his political enemies and celebrated his acquittal from his impeachment? Apparently, some people are still waiting for him to become magnanimous and what used to be called presidential. Frankly, I was surprised he didn’t deploy t-shirt cannons at the White House reception where he thanked Republican leaders of Congress, his legal defense team and supporters. News flash: Trump’s personality is not going to change. He is a brash fighter. As he said it himself of House Democrats and apparently others: But I’ve beaten them all my life, and I’ll beat them again if I have to.” In his comments from the White House yesterday, he went through the Ukraine call, raised the question of Hunter Biden’s foreign work, praised his backers, lambasted Democratic policies and called the impeachment unfair. He used the word unfair or unfairly 10 times, according to the White House transcript. Whether you love or loathe the man, you must know, his persona is not going anywhere.

Finally, I’ve been wondering how life is treating the American coronavirus evacuees upon their return home, where they are currently under quarantine on military bases. They are making the best of it and are grateful, according to this Washington Post article.

The Sage Leopard,