Salmon, shrimp & Mexican corn

Summertime means grilling and that’s not negotiable. You can pull together a gourmet meal in short order. Fish is an excellent and traditional choice for a Friday night dinner. Your local grocery store may even stock fresh fish for Friday dinners. Pick out what simply looks good and is reasonably priced. Salmon is often the best choice. For this blog’s recent meal, we enjoyed salmon and Gulf shrimp with grilled corn and steamed cauliflower (cooked in the microwave). We live near the Texas Gulf Coast so fresh Gulf shrimp is always an option.


Grilled salmon, shrimp and corn

For the sides, my man had suggested cooking the corn in the microwave but I insisted we grill the ears for a nice char. While he worked the corn on the grill, I made the dressing for it: a heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise and the freshly squeezed juice of two limes. Sprinkle into that mixture some chili power and a little cayenne pepper. When it came time to put dinner on the table, I used a silicone brush to spread the dressing over the corn. Finally, it was sprinkled with shredded Manchego cheese and freshly chopped cilantro.


Set aside fresh chopped cilantro and shredded Mexican cheese while the corn is grilling

This was served with two other sides: cauliflower and leftover cucumber salad (which tastes better on the second day). For the cauliflower, I cut off the florets and places them in a small casserole dish. I sprinkled it with garden dill spice rub and drizzled on a little olive oil. That cooked in the microwave on our machine’s setting for cooking vegetables.

grill corn

grill corn

That’s all the cauliflower needed. In no time, I had corn, cauliflower and cucumber salad on the table. While I worked the vegetables, my boyfriend grilled wild salmon as well as fresh local Gulf of Mexico shrimp. Before setting on the grill, he sprinkled on his spices (secret ingredients) and brushed on melted butter to keep the seafood moist while it cooks. This meal was fresh while satisfying but not overfilling. The corn and cilantro with the lime-mayo dressing was refreshingly zesty. Best of all, the fresh salmon and Gulf shrimp were delicious. Although casual, this dinner also felt elegant in is simplicity. Pair with a white wine and enjoy your weekend!


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