Super Bowl Steamed Artichokes

Super Bowl party food usually isn’t about fresh, steamed vegetables. This year, we departed from normal practice because we are under the weather. So no chili, no subs, no queso, etc.

When life gives you artichokes, buy them. I stopped into the specialty grocery yesterday to buy pine nuts and there they were by the front door, calling out to me.Pair of artichokes on countertop.

The first time I had steamed artichokes was at my childhood next-door neighbors. Looking back, I think they served artichokes a lot. It’s fun to steam up a whole bunch of them and serve them like you would a crawfish boil: gather the gang around the table with the goods, plus dishes of butter melted with lemon juice, and bowls for the discards.

The way you eat steamed artichokes is leaf by leaf. Peel off a leaf, dip it in melted butter (or mayonnaise) and scrape the flesh off the bottom of the leaf with your teeth. Repeat. And repeat. Repeat. So good!

Eventually, you will peel down to the choke part of the artichoke, which looks like bristles. Stop! I use a my fingers and teaspoon to pull that off. Once the choke is off, you have the splendid artichoke heart. Even the beginning of the stem is edible. Now, let’s take it from the top.Split artichoke heart between thumb and forefinger.


  • Rinse off whole artichokes
  • Snip off leaf tips; slice off tops (try a serrated knife); and cut off top of stems (I used shears)
  • Steam for 25 minutes (at least). I used a big steel pasta pot with a steamer in the bottom. Bring water to a boil, lower to simmer and cover with lid. Set timer. Test for doneness by plucking off a leaf with tongs.

    artichoke choke

    Do not eat the “choke”!

  • Place on platter or other serving dish and bring to table with bowls for leaf discards. Enjoy with melted lemon butter. That’s it!

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