Top Five Pros and Cons of Working in a Home Office

After a couple of years of working from home with my digital marketing business, I have come to appreciate and loathe certain aspects of the residential office environment. That being said, I do not miss the downtown commute, which was taking nearly three hours out of my day.


  • You can read your morning emails and news in your PJs with crazy bedhead hair that looks like Nick Nolte’s headshot, then go about your regular getting ready for work routine and no one on the other end of your digital correspondence is the wiser.
  • You can sit on an exercise ball at your desk and keep a yoga mat nearby for stretches, and do yoga stretches in your workspace without offending anyone with downward-facing-dog booty in the air.
  • You save time by not commuting and abbreviating your lunch breaks.
  • Throw in some laundry while you work (just don’t allow yourself to be drawn into full-blown housework as a form of procrastinating from your work).
  • You can set up your office exactly the way you want it, listen to news or inspirational instrumental music on your computer without headphones and use a scented wax warmer without anyone complaining.


  • Your dogs bark for extended periods of time at lawn crews in your neighborhood. (When your crew arrives, wear ear protection or go to Starbucks.)
  • The lawyer doing your incorporation jokes about a business being run out of a garage, so you remind him you have a home office.
  • Cabin fever creeps in if you don’t go out on client calls.
  • A shocking number of solicitors show up at your front door. Even if you don’t answer, this is an annoying and somewhat scary distraction. Still, your loud dogs (see above) provide a deterrent to criminals (ideally).
  • Your talking to yourself habit is getting worse.

While working from home is full of distractions, you can make the best of it. When the dogs started barking as if ax murderers were on the threshold, I knew it was just lawn mowers next door and realized this was going to suck 20 minutes out of my day. I could not continue editing a blog about federal tax policymaking with all that noise and bluster, so I took a break to write this instead. That is the essence of The Sage Leopard’s attitude: craft your own happiness!