A Fine Line Between Tragedy and Comedy: Our Current Events

Friends of mine of different political stripes share at least one thing: a sense of humor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are reaching that breaking point in response to current events that is bringing about some laughs.

For #nevertrumpers and liberals, they have related to each other with the stages of shock, anger and grief. For Trump, they’ve enjoyed the thrill of the president meeting their expectations as an extraordinary force of disruption and been irritated by his critics.

Today, news broke that President Trump’s former personal attorney recorded a conversation that purported has them discussing a payoff to a former Playboy model. And, there were reports that Trump himself felt betrayed. This jaw-dropper after a week of jeers (and cheers) for Trump’s performance with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

My first thought was, why would his lawyer secretly record a privileged conversation? Or, was it somehow not privileged? My next thought: how much more bizarre can this drama get?

I joked that next someone will get amnesia, another character will emerge from a coma, and someone else will be outed as the father of an illegitimate child in Port Charles, New York. A friend responded that someone else will find out that he has a long-lost twin. What if Trump’s evil twin was colluding with Russian and he is free and clear?

A moment after my soap opera joke, news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to talk to Trump buddy Roger Stone’s friend, the Manhattan Madam, who herself played a role in the Elliot Spitzer affair (sigh, you can look it up; he was the New York Attorney General who relished going after white-collar crime until he was undone by liaisons with a working women in a Washington hotel.) At this point, I have no idea if it’s true that she somehow has anything to do with the Russia 2016 investigation.

What’s no joke is the Deputy Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence warning American’s that there are active efforts by Russians to influence the mid-term elections. At a major intelligence conference in Aspen this week, though, there was uproarious laughter.

I had the TV on in the background when Andrea Mitchell of NBC News told Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, in a live interview that the White House had just announced that Putin was invited to come to the White House this fall. When he asked her to repeat what she said, the audience broke into laughter. I couldn’t believe my ears. So, I went to the videotape.

It is funny, in a tragedy meeting comedy sort of way. Get ready friends, for the next episode of how the world is turning now. It’s high speed.

The Sage Leopard