#WalkAway, the Risk of Telling People What They Want to Hear & Truth

As evidenced by the Nostradamus-like rantings of QAnon, there is a huge appetite within the American People for complete bulldookey, as opposed to something sensible, such as the truth. “Q” hit the mainstream news when some Trump supporters attending a speech by the president waved signs for Q, who (if a person, rather than a Russian propaganda stunt) has put forth a bunch of wacky and seemingly contradictory theories.

For instance, JFK Jr. was knocked off by Hillary’s people so he wouldn’t run against her for Senate, and yet, there he was in the crowd at a Trump rally. Need I say more of this nonsense?

Then, there is the #WalkAway theme, which purports to show lifelong Democrats leaving the party. And, though this campaign has been identified as false, it carries on with a life of its own.

But it raises a question: would it really matter if some registered Democratic voters left the party? As noted in a previous blog, voters who identify as Republican or Democrat comprise up 27% and 29% of voters, respectively, compared to 43% independent, according to Gallup polls.

It would be more compelling, if there was such an opportunity, of an exodus of voters to a third-party, independent or mixed-ticket platform. It’s doubtful, however, that should a ticket for president could manifest itself in a viable way before the 2020 election. Perhaps there is still time.

Of course, such a ticket would get hits from the GOP and DNC. Still both parties arguably have credibility woes (see the DNC favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders & for the GOP, Trump, who changes his positions a lot). Trump continues to feed his base with ideas they want to hear. I’m not sure what the Democrats are saying or doing. Haven’t heard much about that.

What used to be Culture Wars over abortion, homosexuality, etc. have blown out into a broader, scary us vs. them. After all, now we have people threatening to kill reporters. Surprise, surprise, given Trump’s mantra that the press is the enemy of the people. What we’ve witness is a growing war against the truth. After all, a certain conspiracy theorist named his content, “Infowars.”

Here’s my conspiracy: certain people have been filling the internet and the political discourse with crazy and ever crazier conspiracy theories (Obama was born in Kenya, the Sandy Hook shooting never happened, etc.) so that when a damaging truth comes out in the future, it can then be dismissed as a kooky conspiracy theory. Some of the speculation that Trump is a compromised Russian asset is surely dismissed in this manner.

In a world of alternative facts, will the truth matter again? What would it take for the truth to stand on its own, impervious to criticism? Could there be some information pending in the Mueller investigation that opens people’s minds to the possibility that there is something very wrong and very dangerous going on within our democracy?

Let’s review some crazy plots that occurred, but could have been dismissed at the outset as absurd. Iran-Contra. ABSCAM. A president receiving oral sex in the Oval Office. A Speaker of the House who turned out to be a child molester. A president whose campaign breaks into the offices of the opposition party to steal information. Oh wait. All of those things happened.

So, what if there exists proof of a major crime that some Americans engaged in a conspiracy with foreign interests to elect a president? If you’ve seen a photo of two men wearing t-shirts stating, “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat,” you might wonder if any such proof would matter to some Americans.

On the other hand, if the tide turned, the peddler-in-chief of a false narrative might be in trouble. His ascent was fueled by firing up very angry crowds. What if the crowd turned on him and the support evaporated?

Stay tuned.

The Sage Leopard