The Sage Leopard’s Purpose: For years – decades now, really – our political dialogues have been bifurcated to just Republican and Democrat talking points. Where does that leave independents or party-registered voters who do not accept all positions taken by the designated party thought leaders? Is there a space where people with divergent views on one policy can agree on another policy? Or better, yet, can there be a productive, civil dialogue to bring about positive results in areas of shared concern?

Our country’s current political climate makes it easy to feel disoriented everyday by striking news developments and the immediate barrage of oversimplified memes. We use labels and boxes to categorize each other and ourselves. I don’t fit neatly into these archetypes. I’d prefer to engage in a thoughtful, longer discussion to understand perspectives that drive others’ world views. Maybe we can all better elucidate the vital issues before us.

The objective of The Sage Leopard blog has, by necessity, now evolved to weigh our time’s issues in as thoughtful a manner possible, while still not pulling punches when fair criticism is due.

I had originally created The Sage Leopard to share my lifestyle philosophy, travels and my recipes (which I typically make up as I go along and needed a place to record them). It morphed to discuss the rapidly head-turning news of ever-shortening news cycles. It seems as if every time you pause to ruminate over some earth-shattering news, another jaw-dropper pops out and the ensuing condemnation, defense and praise. Rinse, repeat.

Do you have an uncle or friend with political views (e.g., wildly liberal, radically libertarian, extremely conservative or maddeningly contradictory) which you consider crazy, but recognize this person is otherwise sane, pleasant and successful in life? Are you grappling with understanding these perspectives? To try to understand, I’ve been become Facebook friends with people I would have previously dismissed. I recognize they are adamant in their views. To be intellectually honest, one should entertain the possibility those ideas possess some kernel of truth. The Sage Leopard aims to bridge the gap between ideologies and foster agreements, where possible. If you too appreciate the free marketplace of ideas, join a discussion with me on Facebook or Twitter. If you follow The Sage Leopard on Instagram, you’re likely to see pictures of this guy, Mr. Higgins, and his buddy Buster T.

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