How Animals Lay Claim to Our Garden

You would think we could pinpoint the moment the obsession started, but all I remember is we both like Mexican pottery, specifically the Talavera style pottery with vibrant colors. Now, the backyard garden is a veritable menagerie of Mexican pottery animals.

Talavera armadillo

Talavera armadillo

Some of the creatures mark a special time, such as the armadillo birthday present and the bunny rabbit from a Laredo trip. I recall one squirrel we picked up after a BBQ outing. I don’t recall how the other squirrel got here.

Talavera bunny

Talavera bunny

I suspect some of the animals came home because of a healthy addiction. My boyfriend must be sneaking them in at night. He knows where the pottery purveyors set up shop along specific Houston roads and flea market stalls. He seeks out the unique, such as the snake. None of these animals scare away real creatures the way a fake owl or a scarecrow does.

Talavera alligator

Talavera alligator

Our yard is the playground of opossums, frogs, toads, caterpillars and Monarchs, doves, mockingbirds and stray cats. We really ought to find a possum version of Mexican pottery because the possums here walk along the top of the back fence about five times per week, setting the Sage Leopard (our Catahoula leopard dog) into a frenzy. If anyone knows where to find a pottery possum, be sure to advise. Our collection will surely continue to expand and we really ought to have a brightly-colored marsupial hanging around for authenticity’s sake.

The Sage Leopard


Talavera sun


Talavera frog


Talavera butterfly and salamander


Mexican-style pottery Longhorns


Talavera snake

Menagerie of Talavera animals

Talavera squirrel

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