Chester, Hold Us a Spot in Heaven

Chester B. joined Molly Mae in heaven yesterday and our hearts are heavy. They’re heavy because they are so filled with the endless love this generous soul always gave us. Byron in 2008 adopted Chester, already a mature dog living at a rescue ranch.

dog adoption

The day they met in 2008, Byron signed on to be Chester’s human.

The intent was for Chester to be Molly’s companion but he was a friend to everyone he met and the steady rock of Byron’s home. He was a lot like Byron: caring, kindly, gracious, nonconfrontational, loyal, quiet and loving. Chester really liked to give hugs. A little over a year ago, he was given 30 days to live without medical intervention and Byron elected to give him chemotherapy. The dog went through chemo twice but it stopped working this April, when he was already over 13 years old. The past couple of months he didn’t show he was still suffering as it quietly reemerged. Instead, Chester enjoyed life per usual, and by that, I mean making the most of everyday. Each morning, Chester liked to enthusiastically start with a healthy breakfast before a snuggle session. He would stretch and hug and stretch more. Then hug again. Chester absolutely loved hanging out in the garden and backyard to watch the world go by. He was known to occasionally bag a dove (sneakily).


Chester B. enjoying the outdoors

He acted very casual but he was serious about being steadfast. Between Molly and Higgins both being bossy boots, he stoically put up with a lot of nonsense. He would walk up to his humans and gently nudge for a little gratitude and petting. He also kissed when he felt appreciative. Chester was extraordinary with children. He was so loyal it felt as if he would be with us forever. Yesterday, he suddenly suffered from brain swelling and he was brave. He was able to say good-bye to many medical caregivers who got to know him. His grace was widely felt. Now, he truly is with us forever as our guardian angel. We love you, Chester, and are eternally grateful.

Love, Katharine & Byron

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